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Would you like to enclose your outdoor pool house, kitchen, patio or porch? Motorized or roll up retracting screens offer sun, rain, insect, and wind protection. Perfect for our Cape Cod spring and fall seasons. It is time to extend your seasons.

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Roll by hand or with rope and pulley system. 

Extend or retract with a remote control. Clear vinyl or mesh fabric options in colors.

Would you like to enjoy your outdoor spaces on hot humid summer days?

Sunair brand porch enclosures are engineered with the most durable arm system available and offer stainless and forged components for maximum strength. You can have shade or sun when you want without obstructing your view.

Here is a video of a retractable pergola canopy with the motorized roll down sides in action!

Porch enclosures provide the perfect solution for your outdoor enjoyment at the touch of a button. Order a porch enclosure, pour yourself a glass of iced tea, grab the dog and enjoy your outdoor space!

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Our Commercial and Residential Awning Products Include:

  • Retractable Awnings (motorized or manual) by Sunair®, Eastern® Summerspace®, and Durasol®.

  • Window Awnings

  • Patio Awnings

  • Pergola Awnings

  • Sunroom Shade products

  • Motorized or Manual 

Benefits of Porch Enclosures and Solar Screens for Restaurants

They create an increased usable revenue-producing space
Some businesses, such as cafes and restaurants, make more use of outdoor spaces than others. Porch enclosures and sun screens make those outdoor spaces more comfortable for your customers and employees by blocking sun and rain.

They create a shady area for outdoor al fresco dining and beverage
Sidewalk cafés have been hugely popular for centuries, everywhere from the biggest cities to quaint beachside towns, and that popularity seems to increase every year. We just can’t get enough of that wonderful outdoor experience when it’s time to eat on Cape Cod.

In addition to protecting people or product that you put out on the sidewalk, a porch enclosure or sun screen can also protect items inside the store as well. The sunlight that streams in the window contains UV rays, which can actually cause damage. By blocking these rays, you can protect your furniture, floor coverings, wall details, and even product from sun fading.

Money Savings
All of the sunshine and warmth that the porch enclosure blocks can actually translate into saved money for your business during the summer. This is because businesses that have porch enclosures have to spend less on air conditioning since the awning helps keep the building cool.


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Ready to get started with your retractable awning project, but still have questions?

Click HERE to have the most common questions answered!

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