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We provide annual seasonal "put up" and "takedown" of seasonal awnings which can include repairs, cleaning, and water-repellant treatments as needed.  Preventative maintenance for retractable awnings is popular with our clients. 

Ocean Tailors proudly provides service & support to our clients. We put as much effort into service as we do in sales as we value our client relationships.

Awning Services







Re-stitch with UV Resistant Thread

Preprogram or Replace Motor

Replace Valance

Services available for many Retractable Awnings (motorized or manual), Patio & Window Awnings and Porch Enclosures for your home or business.


"How to Clean your Own Awning" Tips:

Remember To Brush Off Loose Dirt

Hose Fabric Off With Clean Water On A Monthly Basis

Thoroughly Clean Your Awning Fabric Every 1-3 Years

When Cleaning Your Acrylic Fabric Awning -

  • Create A Cleaning Solution Using Mild Soap (Woolite or Dawn) and Water

  • Allow The Solution To Soak Into The Fabric

  • Use A Soft Bristle Brush

  • Allow Sunbrella Fabric To Air Dry

  • Address Spills Promptly

  • Always Rinse Sunbrella Fabric To Completely Remove Any Bleach

  • For Stubborn Spills, You Can Use A Diluted Bleach/Soap Mixture
    For Spot Cleaning

  • For Roof Runoff Or Similar Spills, A Strong Degreaser May Be Required

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For More Information On Treating Mildew

When Retreating Fabric -
You may use 303
® Fabric Guard or
APCO products (

If you have questions please call us at 508-255-5666. We are glad to help.

Sunbrella fabric does not promote mildew growth, however, mildew may grow on dirt and other substances that have not been removed. 

Be sure to recognize when mold and mildew appear and treat it promptly.  Once it appears on your outdoor fabric it must be removed to avoid fabric decomposition. 

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