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Can the fabric on my Retractable Awning be replaced? YES!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

It can. Change the fabric color, choose a new solid or stripe or a new valance style.

You should hire a professional to replace the fabric on your retractable awning for many reasons. The most important reason is your safety.

What is typically done before & during the new fabric installation?

  • Clean the frame before installing the new fabric: This prevents the new awning fabric from getting soiled when it is slid across the metal awning frame.

  • Safety: The arms on a retractable awning are spring loaded and must be secured properly before the fabric is removed. A professional awning company knows how to do this easily and quickly. We do not recommend you do this yourself.

  • Minor hardware adjustments may be made to keep your awning functioning safely and properly. It is important the awning is secured into the studs or header of a building. The attachment points should be inspected. Some other adjustments may include, pitch, leveling, or tightening of bolts.

  • The motor limits will need to be re-set during the fabric replacement process. This can be done by a trained professional.

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