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With the thousands of fabrics available today, the process of choosing a suitable fabric for your application can be overwhelming. We offer fabric research services to our clients.

The following list is a small sampling of fabric brands we offer.

Choosing the right fabric is just as important as choosing the right product. Call for a fabric consultation so we can help you.

Please ask about our contract and outdoor fabrics. These are great for commercial applications such as restaurants, vehicles, airplanes & businesses. Crypton with a moisture barrier is one type of contract fabric used for these applications. Most are durable, fire rated, antimicrobial and cleanable.



Link Fabrics




United Fabrics


Tempotest / Para

Old World Weavers


Silver State

Threaded Needle.PNG

If you are looking for a beautiful fabric that can withstand the weather and look incredible, Sunbrella is an excellent choice.  Your outdoor space should be relaxing and comfortable whether it is just for you and your family, or if you will be hosting friends and extended family.  Itchy fabric or fabric that is worn from the weather is not appealing to anyone.  Ask us about the terrific options Sunbrella has and we can walk you through the fabric selection process.

The ocean tailor's cushion difference

  • Large fabric selection

  • Custom styles & options

  • Highest quality standards

  • Best-in-class customer service

  • Made in the USA

Ready to get started with your project, but still have questions?

Click HERE to have the most common questions answered!

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