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Antique Sleigh Cover

Antique Sleigh Cover

Don't lose time on the water! Use your boat while we craft your new canvas or cushions.

Tailor's StoryTailor's Story

What, you may wonder, do a Polish fiddler, Kevin McHale, Ethan Allen, a "car bra" and a 120 foot schooner in Bermuda have in common? Enter Dan. A tailor by trade, Dan’s story —as you will now see—is what gave rise to the name Ocean Tailors.

(Note: Dan is the master craftsman at Ocean Tailors.)

I ~ Like Father, Like Son

One place to pick up the thread of the story is in 1971 when at age 14 Dan first apprenticed as a tailor with his father, who himself had tailored all his life. Over the next fifteen years Dan mastered the various arts of fitting, pattern-making, machine and hand-sewing techniques.

II ~ Reaching New Heights (6 feet 10 inches)

The years of mastering the tailoring art culminated in a rare opportunity for Dan: to tailor for an exceptionally unique and well-known human frame… that of Kevin McHale, the Boston Celtic legend (1980-81 to 1991-92), for whom Dan created various garments, including a full-length double-breasted peaked lapel cashmere overcoat.

III ~ The Master Upholsterer

Setting sleeves in leisure suits in 1976, creating patterns at the famous "Pandora" sweater factory... Dan even had a "hands on" role in creating a line of patterns for Brevardi’s popular "car bra" in the 80s. The next move was to Ethan Allen in Bedford, New Hampshire where Dan spent ten years as their in-house upholsterer developing a flair for restoring antique furnishings and creating original designs.

IV ~ A Tailor At Sea

It was on the sea coast of New Hampshire that Dan first ran his own marine canvas business before taking the plunge with a move from New England to Bermuda. There the quality of his tailoring soon earmarked him as a sought-after craftsman providing fine solutions for yacht-owners from all around the world, from France to the Caribbean.

V ~ A Fiddler On The Side

They say you can always tell the true quality of a tailor by how well he plays the fiddle. Really? No, but the moment you hear Dan’s musical skills its likely to stir your imagination… and maybe prompt you to wonder how your own yacht might benefit from the same artistry inside or out.

To listen to a sampling of Polka Dan’s Beet Box Band, follow this link and click on one of the 6 songs listed under “Digital Album” (you can listen for free and/or support the band and download their digital album).


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