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Don't lose time on the water! Use your boat while we craft your new canvas or cushions.

Boat Mattress

Ocean Tailors offers Portland Boat Mattresses - Quality mattress at tender prices - It's the prefect fit.

Cap a great day on the water with the best night’s sleep. Our boat mattresses are hand-crafted by skilled mattress makers to ensure the very best fit. We specialize in fitting to berths that are uniquely sized and shaped.

Supreme Series: The mattresses in our Supreme Series compare to the very best models available on the market. They are so comfortable you’ll want one at home.

  • Latex Deluxe: The Latex Deluxe is our most popular model and is offered in either medium or firm comfort levels.
  • Latex Supreme: This is our most plush model. The pillow-top design provides a very soft feel on a supportive base
  • Memory Foam Supreme: The Memory Foam Supreme has the unique feel of a Tempur-pedic mattress.

Serenity Series: Our Serenity Series mattresses offer exceptional quality, comfort and value.

  • Serenity: The Serenity combines the comfort of latex foam with the affordability of polyurethane foam.
  • Portland-Pedic: The Portland-Pedic offers the unique comfort of memory foam.

Mattress Toppers: Our custom-made Toppers add luxurious comfort to your existing mattress and are a cost-effective way to enhance your comfort on board.

  • 1” Quilted Cover
  • Custom made to fit your existing mattress
  • 3” thick
  • Made with the same materials as the best mattresses

Hinge: Hinges make it easier to access the storage compartments under your mattress. There is no additional charge for adding a hinge to your mattress.


Difference between latex and other foams:

  • Latex is a very supportive foam because it is a high pressure material that pushes back against you and offers a
    traditional, spring like feel. Other foams, such as memory foam and polyurethane do not offer the same support
    or comfort of latex.
  • Polyurethane foam, like that used in most cushions, has a much stiffer feel and doesn’t have the responsiveness of
    latex. Memory foam is a low pressure material that allows your body to be absorbed into it. Since these mattresses
    have a very unique feel we only recommend them to people who have slept on them before.

Advantages of Latex Foam:

  1. Mold/Mildew Resistant: Because latex foam is an anti-microbial material no micro-organisms can live on it making it mold and mildew resistant. Latex foam also resists dust mites and is great for other allergies.
  2. Comfortable and Supportive: Latex foam offers the unique combination of excellent comfort and superior support. For those looking for the quality and comfort of a premium mattress latex is the perfect choice.
  3. Stay Cool Throughout the Night: Latex breathes 2-3 times better than other foams used in today’s mattresses allowing heat to escape away from your body. This breathability assures that you’ll have a cool, undisturbed sleep cycle.
  4. Easy to get into Tight Spaces: Unlike innerspring mattresses, latex mattresses can be easily folded. Our latex mattresses are flexible enough to get into the
    cabin of your boat, even without a hinge.
  5. Longer Life-Expectancy: Because latex is more resilient to impressions than the foam used in other mattresses it has a longer life expectancy. This means you’ll enjoy a better, more comfortable night’s sleep for years to come.
  6. Less Motion Transfer: Since there are no coils, latex helps to reduce partner disturbance because there is very little motion transfer across the sleeping surface.